Moi   Hi!It hit me lately that there sure were a lot of “M” words connected to my family. I call them ‘the pervasive, invasives. Here’s what it looks like ….

Matthew Thornton (ancestor), Matthew Mudeater (ancestor), Matthew Thornton Betton Sr, father and founder of the International Association for Jazz Educators (IAJE), Matthew Thornton Betton Jr (brother), Martha Betton Stitzel (sister), Mark Daeschner (son #1), Matt Tippett (son #2), (Kimberly) Michele Lawler (daughter), Macey Lawler (granddaughter #1) , Phoebe Michelle Lawler (granddaughter #2), Manhattan Kansas (my hometown…see also http://manhattan.org), Morocco, (where I lived for 4 years), and most of all MUSIC!

See what I mean? Twelve “M” words! And I didn’t even include martini.

Have you ever thought about how certain letters hold significance in your life? Think about it. It may surprise you. And as you think about it, enjoy your journey down Memory Lane … along with the people, places, and pleasures you’ve enjoyed along the way.

Happy meanderings!

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