The Meaning of "M"

I recently stumbled across the following which I thought was quite fortuitous inasmuch as it deals with “that letter” that seems to have been so pervasive throughout my life … “M”.
According to Da Juana Byrd author, lecturer, columnist, and talk-show host in Dallas, TX:  “M” is the letter that represents spiritual leadership.

If you want a courageous friend, a person with an “M” in their name is the one to have. Spirituality has to be brave and sometimes a little bold. People with this letter in their name usually are.

They are self-reliant although they love being around others. Feeling a need for people on a regular basis, they seek out places to be with them. Almost as quickly, they look for the satisfaction of being back home alone. Family means a great deal to the “M” person.

“M’s” are not generally complainers. They take others at face value and decide to enjoy them for how they are, rather than what they would like them to be.

They have a very strong need for material security and seem to be very uncomfortable without it. These people have no trouble working long hours to gain what they desire in life. An “M” might be considered by some to be a workaholic.

Tireless individuals, they want to keep on going when others need their rest. People might wonder where they get their energy. “M’s” seem indefatigable.

Long suffering is what an “M” considers himself to be. They do have a tranquil attitude towards life in general and expect the same of others. It takes a lot to anger them but once their ire has been ignited, they are not easily extinguished.

My “M Associates” are pretty wonderful people to have around, and they are invasively pervasive in my family, as you have come to find out.

And now .. “Matthew Mudeater”, the next all-in-the-family “M” word.

Jan 19 2013

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